History of masquerade masks. What do you need to know about it.

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The popular hauntingly beautiful masks of Carnival masquerade festive of the Venice that is in Italy have got an amazing history that dates back in 13th century. To add on that also, the history of the masks specifically from Italian city normally features war and also religion. Today, it reflects the new attitude of Venetian people. There are now masquerade masks for Women and also masquerade masks for menHttp://masquerade-Masks.me/for_men_women_amazon_buy/


The birthplace of masquerade masks


Masquerade masks http://Masquerade-masks.Me was known to be a well established part of this particular ancient city of canals by around 1436.This is the time when the Mask makers of the city became recognized with their guild. At first, the well-known carnival of the Venice used to be a yearly celebration for the capture of the invader of this canal city named Ulrich II. The exact beginning of wearing tradition of the masks as part of celebration is not known, though the Catholic Church usually played a part in the common eventual mask wearing especially during festive.


The carnival


Carnival festive included some elaborate grand dinners and masquerade balls, entertainment in grand piazza which featured acrobats, jugglers and also travelling exhibits of the exotic birds and animals. The gowns, masks and the activities reached their own height in the 18th century.


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By the 18th Century, the Masquerade costume completely covered all the male wearers. A three-cornered hat (tricorn hat) was actually worn over the black hood with a mask which was affixed to the face. The men used to costume their bodies with the dark cloaks, while the women used to wear sumptuous gowns and also ornamented wigs. Read more here: What is the Origin of Masquerade Maskshttp://www.ehow.com/about_5367614_origin-masquerade-masks.html


The Masquerade is believed to be alive and if you are an adventure seeker or in other words a world traveler, you have to know that the Venice Carnival is still alive. The history of masquerade masks is long and interesting. The above is just part of the history since there are other stories about it.

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